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Solar LED Street Light 40W

40W Rechargeble Solar LED Street Light

Rated Power :40W
Beamangle :140*70degree
Luminous Flux :>5500lm
Color temp :2700K~6000K
CRI :>82
LED Brand & Qty :Philips 72Pcs
IP rating :IP67
Batter Capacity :488WH 11.1V
Battery Lifetime :1000 Cycles
Charging mode :MPPT

Solar Panel
Voltage of PV :18VDC
Power of PV :90W
Cell of PV :MONO Cell
Pole Height :5m -8m

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Smart solar controller built-in, power brightness and lighting time are adjustable via remote controller.


More area can be covered than PIR sensor, longer distance and wider sensitive angle, more stable than PIR.


Solar panel seperated from light allows to increase power to meet the solar radiations in different latitude and longitude. Max 200W solar panel is allowed for 50W LED with 6200lm output.


MC4 male & female plugs directly to 18V solar panel. quick and easy for connection. 2.5mm² power cord for less voltage drop.


Battery and solar controller, sensor are built-inside of light, only need to be connected to 18V system, NO more other operation, easy ,simple and quick installation.

1: Solar panel should be adjustable/rotatable.

The solar panel should be always face to sun properly in order to get the highest using efficiency as much as possible, All in one solar street light cannot be adjusted, for the solar panel is fixed. Capsol solar light is perfect to solve this problem. Easy for customers' installation.

2: Solar panel should big enough to generate power for daily use.

The solar panel of all in one solar street light is installed at backside of light. it causes very hard to exlarge the solar panel. so there is always not enough electricity generated for daily use.2: Capsol solar light seperate solar panel, It is free to use smaller or bigger solar panel according to project's actual situation. and customer can only buy solar light head only if there is solar panel in stock. Saving cost.

3: Battery Capacity Should be Big Enough:

Big battery supports good lighting performace at night without darkness, Capsol solar light is using 50% bigg capacity than all in one solar light, it supports continuesly 100% power output for 10 hours per day. All-in-one only can work in energy saving mode.

4: Different Lighting Results with same power.

All in one 20W only gives 800-900lm at night. it creats a not brightness on road.
Capsol 20W, gives more than 2400lm continuesly more than 10 hours freely.